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Adelaide to host important meetings on the future management of the Lake Eyre Basin

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 6 May 2015 - 9:00am

Media Release

Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee
11 October 2005

Community representatives, scientists, Government employees and State and Federal Ministers are in Adelaide this week to discuss the future management of one of the world's largest internally draining river systems, the Lake Eyre Basin.

High on the community's agenda at the 8th meeting of the Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee (LEB CAC) will be the need to strengthen collaboration across State and Territory borders.

"Governments and communities in the Lake Eyre Basin are making significant progress in natural resource management," said Mr Angus Emmott, Chair of the LEB CAC. "However, a key challenge we now face in the Basin is an increased need for coordination and collaboration; we will be discussing issues that would benefit from further collaboration across borders, such as weed and feral animal control."

"This might include challenges such as consistent guidelines and licensing arrangements for control of feral animals, controlling the spread of weed seeds across State and Territory borders and sharing information between states and between regions about weed and feral animal distribution" continued Mr Emmott.

"One of the most important things the Lake Eyre Basin Agreement has achieved is getting people to talk to each other," said Mr Emmott. "It has created space for trust, respect and open communication, not only across State and Territory borders, but also between people from different backgrounds, like scientists, government officers, and community members."

"This is a vast and remote area of Australia and the meetings in Adelaide this week provide an excellent opportunity for the community to work closely with scientists and the governments of the basin on providing solutions to important issues that do not stop at state borders or lines on maps" concluded Mr. Emmott.

The LEB CAC and LEB Scientific Advisory Panel will meet on Thursday 13 October. The LEB Ministerial Forum, comprising Ministers from the Australian Government, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory, will meet on Friday 14 October.

Please see attached information explaining the background to the Lake Eyre Basin process.

When: Thursday 13 October
Where: The Radisson Playford Hotel, Adelaide