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Lake Eyre Basin ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map

​Aboriginal Map Launch​

The Aboriginal Way Map was launched on 1 August 2018 at Desert Park Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The launch involved Aboriginal representatives of the Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee, who handed the Aboriginal Way Map to the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies for future management. For further information please contact Lake Eyre Basin Secretariat at LEB Secretariat​

Aboriginal Way Map background

​​​​​​​​​Draft map of the Lake Eyre Basin ‘Aboriginal Way’ Poster Map is an initiative from the second Lake Eyre Basin Aboriginal Forum ​​​
[Click on the image to view a larger version of the map]

The Lake Eyre Basin ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map is an initiative from the second Lake Eyre Basin Aboriginal Forum ​held in 2006.  

The purpose of the Aboriginal Map is to:

  • Provide a pictorial overview of the presence and significance of Aboriginal people, places, cultures and histories across the Lake Eyre Basin.
  • Raise awareness of existing Aboriginal management of water and land in the Lake Eyre Basin.
  • Inspire people to recognise and to further explore and learn about Aboriginal culture and history in the Lake Eyre Basin and to provide them with guidance and information to help them do this respectfully.

The Lake Eyre Basin Aboriginal Forums are an information sharing event that allow for the representation of Aboriginal interests in the development and implementation of policies and strategies for the Lake Eyre Basin.  Aboriginal Forums are open to all recognised Aboriginal representative bodies and individuals located within the Lake Eyre Basin.

At the 2011 Tibooburra Aboriginal Forum, draft concept designs and content for the Aboriginal Map were discussed and knowledge and portrait images were offered for inclusion on the map.

Sponsorship for the Aboriginal Map has been provided by the Australian, Queensland, South Australian and Northern Territory governments, Georgina Diamantina Cooper Aboriginal Group, BHP Billiton, Santos, South Australian Arid Lands and Territory Natural Resource Management.

A Lake Eyre Basin ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map Steering Committee, chaired by the Australian government, was established to provide advice to governments and oversee the development of the Aboriginal Map.

Development of the map was based on:

  • Discussions with individual Aboriginal people who took part in the development of the Aboriginal Map and offered their portrait photographs to appear on the map.
  • Approaches to Aboriginal organisations and groups seeking copies of illustrative photographs and permissions for their inclusion on the Aboriginal Map.
  • Interviews with Aboriginal people to gain an appreciation of how they see the landscapes, water and natural resources of the Basin.
  • Requests to Aboriginal custodians for permissions to include stories, Songlines, translations and images of special places on the Aboriginal Map.
  • Consultation with Aboriginal people with regard to the distribution and contemporary use of Aboriginal languages across the Basin.

For further information on the ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map email the LEB Secretariat​