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​​​Aboriginal culture in the Lake Eyre Basin has a long and rich history. The current version of the draft consultation ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map has been developed for the Aboriginal people of the Lake Eyre Basin from contributions provided by Aboriginal people throughout Basin and through information sought from museums and private collections.

Contributions for future versions of the ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map are always welcome.

Send your contributions via email to LEB Secretariat and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Information about the story or photo
  • Aboriginal Group you represent
  • Completed consent form.

Please note that all contributions provided must be accompanied by a completed consent form and must be cleared by the Aboriginal group it relates to. This will allow the Australian Government to use the material on future versions of the ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map or other related publication. A downloadable version of the consent form is provided below.

Consent to use of Photographic Images and Audiovisual Recordings (DOCX - 52KB)

The material you provide will be carefully considered for inclusion on future versions of the ‘Aboriginal Way’ Map noting that not all contributions can be accepted as the availability of space on the Map is limited.

Further information on the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Privacy Policy can be found at Privacy policy.