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People, communities and economies of the Lake Eyre Basin: Summary

Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum, 2008

Summary of Findings

The People, communities and economies of the Lake Eyre Basin project is responding to the LEB community's desire to make natural resource management:

  • more relevant to the cultures and conditions in the LEB
  • more responsive to changes affecting the natural resources people rely on.

In the Lake Eyre Basin people spend time and money looking after their country, and governments invest in policies and programs to help them get the best outcomes from the natural resources they rely on.

Interface organisations are the groups that work between communities, industries and governments to improve the use and management of natural resources.

This study focuses on these interface organisations: their programs and activities; their engagement processes; and how monitoring and evaluation can help them to be more responsive and effective.

It is an innovative project that brings together four distinct elements into an integrated research program:

  • social, economic and resource profiles
  • a toolkit of success factors of engagement
  • case studies of individual and organisational attributes
  • a monitoring framework to facilitate learning in NRM organisations.

The findings from the study are published in a volume titled People, communities and economies of the Lake Eyre Basin.